What Vitamins Should I Take Daily

Choosing the Correct Vitamins and Supplements to Take

Choosing vitamins and supplements relies on their use. With so many new vitamins and supplements on the market, it can be tough to know which ones will work for you. Researchers are exploring new uses for common vitamins. Vitamins and supplements have made great advances, but if you’re confused, here’s advice on what to take.

If you’re not familiar with vitamins and supplements, start with a multivitamin. Friends or coworkers may promote vitamins but ignore them. Otherwise, you’ll buy expensive supplements that may or may not help.

A decent multivitamin can help you obtain the correct amount of nutrients to prevent most ailments. Multivitamins are important. It contains 20 vitamins and minerals to boost health and prevent sickness. Vitamins prevent illness, not treat it. If you’re currently healthy, taking the suggested dose of 20 vitamins will put you ahead.

People who want to use vitamins to prevent cancer and other ailments also take vitamins C and E. These vitamins combat cancer and heart disease and improve the immune system. During the cold and flu season, people take more vitamin C. You can get extra vitamins E and C if you take a multivitamin. Vitamins E and C can be taken in addition to multivitamins.

The next group of vitamins that people are interested in is the B-complex vitamins, which come after vitamins E and C. This is because a larger vitamin B dosage enhances the immune system-boosting effects of vitamins E and C. Additionally, vitamin B encourages improved brain function.

If you take a multivitamin plus extra vitamins C, B, and E, you’re preventing cancer, heart disease, brain damage, premature aging, bone loss, high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. If you need further support, consider prescription drugs, especially for decreasing cholesterol. Heart disease, excessive cholesterol, and cancer may be inherited.

Don’t believe products claiming to treat serious illnesses. Most vitamin and supplement labels mention “claims not evaluated by the FDA.” This means the manufacturer’s claim is false. Standard vitamins and supplements work to prevent disease.

You must also avoid overdosing on vitamins. Too much Vitamin C will flush your system. Some vitamins will cancel each other out if you take too much, leaving you with no benefits. Too many vitamins might also make you unwell. Stick to basic vitamins and supplements at approved dosages.

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