Holiday Dieting Tips

Dietary Tips for the Holidays: How to Have Fun and Stay Healthy

The holidays are a special time for all, and you should take the time to indulge yourself. However, at the same time, you should keep your health in mind because it’s easy to be tempted into going overboard.

The extra treats in your candy dish from Halloween are where it all begins. Then Thanksgiving comes along when the average person eats up to three times as many calories as they ought to.

The winter break follows that. When families gather together, there are typically many snacks, small dinners, and large meals. Not to mention all the baked goods! All of these are edible, right? Yes, but only in moderation, is the answer.

Follow these holiday dieting tips to help you stay in control of your fork:

  1. Prepare ahead of time. Set a limit on how much you can consume before allowing yourself to get tempted. Save ten pieces of candy for yourself to consume in the days and weeks after Halloween. The remaining can be distributed to coworkers and neighbors. Allow yourself to splurge on one thing at Thanksgiving and other family gatherings, like the appetizers or the dessert, but not both.
  1. Do not be overly strict. While you might be tempted to be hard on yourself during other times of the year, the holidays are a time when you should let up a little. Don’t try to make it through the evening without eating anything. The starvation diet only works for a limited period until you fail and overheat. Instead, practice being more restrained.
  1. Never punish yourself. Mistakes are common to everyone. It won’t matter if you do make a mistake and overeat one day in the long term. Simply promise yourself that you’ll exert more effort the following time. Do not succumb to the temptation to just stop making bad food choices. A healthy diet might be derailed when you experience a string of unfavorable days.
  1. Watch your intake of alcohol. Indeed, holiday gatherings frequently feature open bar service. You can treat yourself here as well. Even though you might be able to get away with a few drinks spread out over the evening, keep in mind that the calories add up. Think about switching between alcoholic beverages and pure, cooling water.
  1. Don’t hesitate to dress firmly. Consider donning some form-fitting clothing if you have trouble reining in your festive tendencies. Don’t push yourself too far, but you should feel the reminder if you start to eat excessively.
  1. Plan a Healthy Diet. If you’re hosting any holiday gatherings, think about substituting some common foods for healthier ones. Not all healthy foods are bland or unattractive. Try some new recipes and be inventive.
  1. Keep in mind to take breaks. On a long night out with family and friends, it’s common to lose sight of your food routine. Make it a point to take breaks when you are certain you are not holding a plate or a beverage. Instead, pay attention to the conversations you’re having.
  1. Before leaving, eat. Eat something healthy before you leave if you’re going to a holiday party at someone else’s place. This is particularly crucial if you anticipate giving in to temptation from the abundance of bad treats. If you arrive not particularly hungry, you won’t have the same temptation to start eating.

Just keep in mind to have fun! Focus on all the other aspects of the holidays if you’re sad about not being able to eat all you want. There are lots of entertaining activities you can do without eating!

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